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Angela L. Cavanaugh

Accountant, EA

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Angela Cavanaugh, owner of Angel Accounting & Tax,  I am a licensed Enrolled Agent authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.   I have a broad range of experience in accounting and business.  

A little about me, my parents were atypical, as teen parents they raised 4 children, and thus, much of what I learned I was fortunate to acquire through our diverse educational system and my love of learning.  Although, I love learning my main passion in life is assisting the public.  ​

This passion of mine was sparked in middle school by an influential Math teacher a.k.a. "Math Man" who showed me that regardless of the hand one is dealt they may reach for stars with hard work and determination.  It is why today, I wish to pay it forward as this considerate person had for me. 

Unlike the typical accountant, I take great pride in sharing my knowledge with others by educating them on various money savings tips to help reduce stress and attain the healthy life balance they deserve!  I enjoy getting to know my clients as I truly believe our society has forgotten the importance of connecting with and helping others.